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I was trying to find a chat room with ease of use on the internet, but all of my searches were in vain.

All the chat rooms that showed up were either too complicated in function or too rich in design, so I decided to write one of my own.

I thought for a while in front of my computer and came up with a beautiful name Chat as you like (, and then spent a whole night writing the code. I didn't sleep that night.

Chat as you like was a good name, as some visitors said. As its name suggests, chat as you like. As a brand name, however, it's a bit long. I began to consider a new name for it.

When I was walking and enjoying the fresh air in the campus one morning, a passing schoolmate reminded me in a gentle voice. "Hey girl, your shoelace is loosened." I lowered my head and saw one of my shoelaces was indeed loosened, probably by some branches or grass along the road.

I thanked him with a smile and bent down to tie my shoelace. All of a sudden, the word lace flashed into my mind. Lace is a delicate fabric woven in a weblike pattern or a string used to tie up things. I have a variety of lace dresses in my wardrobe, a couple of necklaces in my drawer, and a myriad of shoelaces in my closet.

This chat room was renamed to Chatlace ( that day.

It might be the most simple chat room on the earth, but it has varied visitors, various things, varying words and variable meanings.

Selected Comments by Visitors

Chatlace is something that connects people around the world. - Hari, India

They come, they leave, and then they come again. - Edz, Philippines

God bless Angel for bringing the madness of the world together on a single page. - Belle

Romance is a devil that lurks around each corner in Chatlace. - Belle

I'm bored and want to troll someone. - The Stupid Animator, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

In terms of cuteness, there shall be no more arguments because I'm here. - Castiel

Chatlace is the worst chat site in the world, a safe haven for spammers. - Rat

Simplicity is the beauty of Chatlace, which makes it stand out from the rest. - Zoniya, Pakistan

I have a large number of fakes in this chat room because they envy me. - Namra, United Kingdom

It was my dream to find this website. - Arthur 29, Russia

I come here when I'm bored or stressed. Chatlace is a stress reliever for me. - Giullianna, Philippines

Chatlace taught me one thing and that's how to ignore perverts. - Kabir, India

Chatlace is addictive. I'm back. - Margot

I keep leaving this site, but it's keeping me back again and again. Antidotes are sold out in all drugstores. - Giullianna, Philippines

Chatlace gave me a platform to express my feelings freely. - Anonymous

Chatlace is the only world that allows me to be anything or anyone I want to be. - Victoria

I get bored with other chat sites. - Skippy

Chatlace is an outlet to scream out your dirtiest desires. - Diao Chan, Mauritius

Chatlace is meant for people in asylums, but we are in it. How ironic! - Diao Chan, Mauritius

Chatlace is a heaven for you. - Olivia, Germany

Chatlace is the most pathetic website I've been to. - Insomniac, Algeria

For killing time, Chatlace is a great place. - MiroSilva17, Hong Kong

Chatlace prevents depression. - Rundeep, Mauritius

Chatlace has diminished the rate of suicide. - Rundeep, Mauritius

Chatlace helps people convert anger to comedies. - Rundeep, Mauritius

Chatlace makes people who decide to hide talk in invisible costumes. - Rundeep, Mauritius

Chatlace lets people express themselves in such a way that they can come out of darkness. - Rundeep, Mauritius

They return to Chatlace and befriend those who were once sworn enemies. - Rundeep, Mauritius

Chatlace is a weird place. - Oona, Philippines

Chatlace is a chat room where you can meet people from all countries. - Ms Cute, Philippines

I'm revealing deep secrets at Chatlace only. - Sara, Mauritius

Chatlace is a bold place with no ban, no mute, no kickout. - Man, India

Chatlace is a hell. - Roshan, India

No matter where I belong, I'm here at Chatlace. - Kendrick, Ethiopia

Chatlace is a crazy place. - Dave, India

Chatlace is a generation and I have witnessed different gangs since 2015. - DMTconsumer, Iraq

Angel has created a zoo in the form of Chatlace. - Ms Cute, Philippines

I must have reached the farthest site on the internet. - Aron, Iraq

Sometimes Chatlace is very boring and sometimes it's very interesting. - Silvia, Bangladesh

Chatlace is not boring. It makes me happy. - Kenneth18, Philippines

I come to Chatlace for entertainment and I really enjoy it. - Cooling, India

Chatlace is a country where there are no police and everyone is free to do whatever he or she wants. - Space, United States

Thank you for making Chatlace as a medicine of boredom. - Invisible, Philippines

Chatlace is easier to access than any other site. - Red Heart, Philippines

Chatlace is a murderer. It murders my free time. - Doodle, India

Chatlace is the cheapest chat room ever, where you can see animals combined with humans. - Rude Boy, Nigeria

If you are mentally disturbed, Chatlace is a good site to show your mentality. - Thor, India

Welcome to Chatlace, where globalization takes place in its simplest form. - Veer, Mauritius

My mom will throw my phone if she finds I'm using Chatlace again. - Frosty, India

Thanks for creating this place where I can write whatever I like. I don't have many friends, so I try to talk here. It's funny to write on Chatlace because no one knows who I am. - Tsisninin, Madagascar

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